3 Romantic Escapes For Couples to Enjoy an Adventure of Their Own

Adventure is waiting for you!

White water rafting is a blast.

If you have never tried it you have not experienced the teamwork and thrill of jostling down a wild, foamy waterway with a group of adrenaline pumped strangers who you will be depending on to pull your weight. And sometimes I do mean ‘weight’. We are not all the slim, trim athletic junkies jostling over rocks and rapids, but we do enjoy a good time and the thrill of the next bend in the river.

You cannot see ahead because of the meandering waterway and around every corner a different situation presents itself. You will feel the burn of your muscles and then the adrenaline rush in anticipation of your next drop into a sea of foam. The guide will work you and urge each of you on, pushing you to your limits. The release of laughter and conversation after each drop can only develop in friendship and association with your better half and others. You cannot help but develop a sense of adventure and closeness during this great event.

Hiking For Two.

Whether you decide to take on the mountains and valleys of any country, the sights and sounds you will experience can do nothing else but develop a romantic escape room between two people. Leaving the stress and problems behind and traveling out to the unknown brings excitement and intimacy in a way that few other travels will compare. The dependency on each other strengthens the bonds between two travelers.

Whether the trip is one day or one week it is important to research the area and get up to date maps. A GPS and compass are mandatory. Informing others as to your route and estimated time of arrival will ensure that you won’t be missed. Plan your trip according to weather and country to be traveled. If you haven’t taken on this great adventure before be sure and research thoroughly your needs for equipment and practice on how to use it.

Taking a Cruise

An adventure of romance. Having yourself pampered. No decisions to be made, just enjoying each others company. What else can I say. If you’ve never taken a cruise, it can be a once in a lifetime experience. Being on the water, enjoying the warm breeze, dancing all night. When you do decide to cruise, a room with a balcony makes all the difference. The extra cost for adventure and romance is worth it. There is so much to do and eat. Experience this adventure once and you will want to repeat this romance. Ask the millions of people who do repeat this adventure. Research the cruise lines, read the comments and choose your romance. You won’t regret it.

Life has been a wonderful experience for me. Through budgeting I have been able to experience many new adventures with my wife and am now helping others to experience adventures that have strengthened my 41 years of marriage. It is so important to experience new things and not get stuck in the opinion that ‘I’ll do it later’ or ‘We can’t afford it right now’. Make that decision to try new things, experience. Time passes quickly and yesterday never comes again. Looking back and reliving adventures always creates smiles and love. It strengthens the bond between a couple and creates a history that is hard to ignore. My website will help you to decide what adventures you both wish to try. Stretch that imagination and take a chance at memories.


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