Fashion Goddess Rules – Cocktail Dresses For Every Climate

It’s cloudy. It’s windy. There’s a tornado. It’s a hundred degrees and humid. What a perfect day for a cocktail party. My Fashion Goddess Rule # 23 is — fancy shalt not outweigh comfort. Make sure you own or invest in a solid selection of cocktail dresses for every climate.


If you feel pretty confident it’s not going to rain, go with a sunny color or cheery pattern. Photographers and film directors actually prefer cloudy and overcast weather because the lighting is more flattering for all skin tones and types. You’ll want to capitalize on this. Night Moves’ cocktails dresses are vivacious. Cloudy with a chance of fabulousness!


I cannot stress this enough: if rain is in the weather forecast on the night of your event, wear black. If you wear white it will be ruined and if you wear a color, you will risk the dye bleeding all over everything. You’ll need a true black, something that won’t look wet and won’t show spots if you get caught in a downpour.

Hot & Humid

When it’s hot and humid, you’ll only be comfortable in next to nothing. Whatever you wear should be strapless, short, and lightweight. It should be uncomplicated, easy to get into, and easy to get out of.

Don’t make the mistake of wearing something elaborate. Sequins are out. And so are lots of jewels. These accessories, though gorgeous, will feel like a coat of armor in hot and humid weather.

Scanning La Femme cocktails dresses, I bookmarked a black halter. Halters are superb because there won’t be any fabric smothering your underarms. And dark colors hide potential sweat marks well.

Busy patterns are great too. Is that a sweat stain under your arm or is it part of that paisley motif? Your secret will be safe.

Hot & Dry

When it’s hot and dry, you may wear plus size sequin dress and heavily decorated gowns. Something that shines like the desert sun will light up a room. Shoulders, legs, and backs can and should be uncovered. Sherri Hill cocktail dresses are sequin rock stars…especially in silver, bronze or gold.


Believe it or not, I suggest wearing a short dress when it’s windy. It should however be tight fitting.

A long dress will shroud you in too much moveable fabric. You’ll be struggling to walk, tripping all over yourself. While a short, flowing dress might blow up and…uh oh.

In a collection of Tony Bowls cocktail dresses, I picked out a turquoise hip hugger. It has an asymmetrical 3/4-inch sleeve for added warmth.

Cold But Clear

Cover up as much as possible. Go with earthy and velvety hues. I saved a page from an online cocktail dresses catalog with a mile long, eggplant dazzler. I also found a good example from Precious Formals cocktail dresses. An Elizabethan gown in purple passion.

Cold & Snowing

Cover up even more! And trust me when I say, forget about anything black. If you’ve ever been caught in the snow wearing something black, you know what I mean. Dried snow on black clothing can evaporate up into a dirty, salty mess.

And while you’re at it, ex out everything white. First of all, if it’s snowing, it is probably post-Labor Day and you know better than that. If you come across some Terani cocktail dresses, look for the one in ice blue and you’ll feel swaddled in eons of fabric.

Perfect Weather

You might be wondering why there’s a category for perfect weather. Can’t you wear anything? Yes, mostly. When the weather is perfect, it’s time to celebrate.

I know all you East coast women love wearing black. But on a perfect day, black can look moody and faded. Faviana cocktail dresses are springtime personified. Lots of vibrancy and floral frivolity in lilac.

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