Hula Hoop Exercise – Stuff That You Need to Know!

Here’s some hula hoop exercise stuff I want to clear up for you in regards to using hula hoops for weight loss. Nothing complicated here, but some people are using the wrong ones and this is frustrating them. If you’re curious about how to “hoop it up” to lose weight, then take a couple moments to read this article now to GET THINGS STRAIGHT before doing something that will mess it all up for you.

Hula Hoop Exercise Stuff

1. You gotta get a weighted hula hoop

Without this, it’s pointless to even bother with this.. Spend the extra money, it’s only $15 or so at Wal-Mart… don’t go for the cheap $3-4 kid’s hoops. At first glance, you may think using a weighted hula hoop would make it fall to the ground more due to the added weight. Well, you’d be wrong. It’s the exact opposite. A weighted hula hoop rotates slower. Thus, it’s easier for you to twirl around your waist and control. End result… it isn’t falling to the ground every 5 seconds.

2. Get a bigger hula hoop… a 42 inch one

Again, this helps slow the twirls down… thus allowing you to comfortably shake your hips to control the hoop for minutes at a time instead of just a few short, frustrating seconds. The small ones rotate faster… think basic physics.

Once you get the bigger, weighted hula hoop, start hooping for a total of 10 minutes a day doing it 1 minute at a time. Within weeks you should notice some pretty big improvements in your waist, love handles, and hips.

With this hula hoop exercise stuff information, you can’t help but to have fun getting a smaller waist and losing weight at home.

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