Selecting A Cello: Four Additional Considerations

In my previous article, I covered four points which you need to consider when selecting a cello. This includes tonal quality, condition of the instrument, age and physical look. There are four additional considerations before you buy your cello. What are these additional points you need to be aware of?

1. Investment potential of the cello

Whether you should invest tens of thousands of dollars on an excellent Italian cello with authentic papers, or couple of thousand dollars for a new well made one depends on you. Are you a novice player picking up the skill of playing the cello for the first time or a serious collector and player?

Whichever the case, an investment grade cello will see its value appreciate considerably over time.

2. Deal with a reputable shop

One advise I would like to give you is to buy your cello from a reputable shop, and one that preferably specializes in string instruments and has connections to luthiers. String instruments require specialized skills to set up the instrument, pick the best strings, adjust the pegs and strings so that the instrument’s potential is maximized. A shop which has connections to experienced luthiers will be able to help you set up your new purchase properly.

3. Source of the cello

A lot of people believe that Italian made stringed instruments surpass all others. It may be true, since the cello was invented in Italy. In addition, the Italians do not mass produce instruments in factories. Typically an Italian instrument is hand crafter by one person. This is as opposed to factory mass production whereby one cello is assembled by several people.

The important point to note here is that an instrument, no matter where its origin is from, is a better choice if it is hand crafter by a single maker as opposed to factory assembled types.

4. Budget

The professional cello which you finally select will also depend on your budget. For a student who is reasonably serious about learning the cello, the price range would be between $1500-$5000. If budget is not an issue, the you may consider an investment grade hand crafted instrument.

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