What Are Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Used For?

If you already have a full-size vacuum, you may be wondering why you should consider investing in handheld vacuum cleaners. Handheld vacuums cleaners come with many advantages, including the ability to easily and quickly clean messes in small spaces and crevices. Here are several common uses for hand vacuum cleaners:

The Stairs-Anyone who has ever tried to vacuum the stairs knows that it can make you break a sweat. Even if you have a vacuum that comes with a hose, it is not nearly long enough to reach every stair. That means that you have to lug a huge vacuum up (or down) the stairs with you as you clean. Portable vacuums are small and lightweight, making cleaning the stairs a breeze.

The Car-Handheld vacuum cleaners can be Portable Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner easily be transferred to and from your car without effort. You may even want to keep a portable vacuum in the car permanently because of its small size. Handheld vacuum cleaners are great at picking up the dirt under car seats, around the dashboard and inside the trunk.

Pet Hair- Many people will purchase handheld vacuums with the sole intention of cleaning up pet hair. If it isn’t bad enough having your cat or dog shed all over the carpet and furniture, cleaning it up is even worse. Pet hair can accumulate and become matted, making it difficult to remove from fabrics. Hand vacuum cleaners facilitate the process. Some hand vacs are specifically made for cleaning up pet hair.

The Sofa-Eating on the sofa has its disadvantages. All sorts of crumbs, dirt and lint can accumulate between sofa cushions and under cushion seats. A hand vacuum cleaner is about the only thing brave enough to handle this cleaning job!

Small Spaces- Tired of bending over backwards to clean small spaces, cracks and crevices with a full-size vacuum cleaner? Portable vacuums are small enough to be maneuvered in hard to reach places

Small Spills- Although small vacuums make cleaning easier, they do not have as much power as a full-size vacuum. For this reason, handheld vacuums are best used for small messes and spills, such as dirt, debris, pet hair and crumbs.

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