Why Does Romance Work?

Are you in need of some great romantic ideas that will serve your relationship in every possible way, and bond you as a couple forever?

Blossoming Romance is a life style, so many couples save romantic moments for high days and holidays only, and suffer the consequences of uncertainty, distrust, jealousy and eventually divorce.

How often do you feel unloved and neglected?
How often do you feel like a piece of furniture or a convenience?

Blossoming Romance is an everyday thing, it must become a habit, a tendency and a tradition that sets your relationship apart from any other. Your relationship is as unique as you are, there are no two people like you, therefore the romance and the growth of your relationship is your responsibility. Romance is not just in cute fancy underwear or a special evening out that is just a part of it.

Romance as a whole is the most powerful marketing tool ever.

Just take a good look at Coca Cola, the number on soft drink in the world; it is brand of one just like your relationship. Coca Cola has built billions of successful relationships with people all over the world, from all walks of life, outclassing their competition by far every day.

So what, you might think?
What has this got to do with me?

Everything! Coca Cola, Advertise to win, not to sell.

Nothing stops you from copying their example. The only difference is that you do not have an advertising company every step of the way, which tells you how to best promote you, your brand of one.

Let me remind you, romance is all the little things you did, before you became a couple, and started finding fault with each other, trying to change the person you love into someone you want him or her to be.
Romance is in the tone of your voice, let your partner hear the promise every time you say his or her name. What is your partner hearing now, frustration, irritation or blame?

Blossoming Romance is in the sparkle of your eyes, right there where no words are needed. Have you forgotten all about that? What does your partner read in your eyes, right there where no words are needed? Is it displeasure, hate or repulsion?

Romance is natural and silent yet loud. It is in your walk, in the way you comb your hair, it is in the way you make and present a cup of coffee. It is right there in the detail. Have you forgotten how romance looks feel and taste?

Romance transform a sandwich into an exotic experience, you can taste it in every bite. Romance needs to be expressed and lived every day or it will become a long lost memory or an unfulfilled dream.

The great thing about cultivating and expressing romance in sex positions as many ways as possible is the response from your partner, like their dream has just come true or their deepest prayer has just been answered. Your rewards for your actions are; an uplifting, stable life long relationship, trust and companionship from the person you love.

Blossoming Romance is in like the shine on your shoes, you can’t pick up the shine and look at it, but you can pick up the whole shoe to admire the shine. Just like shoes your relationship needs to be shined everyday.

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